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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Azurite

Of all the dogs I have had Skippers was my special dog. All have been great companions but Skippers KNEW me and I him. I got him at the animal shelter as a puppy. When I saw him he was so sad. I took him out of his cage and set him on the open floor. He plopped his butt down and wouldn't wag his tail. He broke my heart. I took him home without even checking with my husband first. But when he saw him that was all it took.

A few weekends later I went on a camp out with friends. Skippers went with me. During the weekend Skip was getting a lot of attention from the kids that were there.. I tried to keep him close to me all the time. But he finally let his feelings known and bit a little girl on the hand. The bite didn't bleed; she was scared more than anything. I had a sick feeling in my stomach because I knew I had a dog that was going to be a biter. He was only 12 or 14 weeks old when this happened.

Over the coarse of the next year we were constant companions. He was always by my side and looking at me like he could see through me. I enjoy mischievous in his eyes. One thing he did that was funny, when I would come up the stairs he would follow right behind me. I would stop half way, turn and point my finger at him, telling him to behave himself, hahaha, as I turned he would butt me with his head. Which always got just the reaction he was looking for. Smiling and tail wagging his mission was accomplished once again.

During this time though Skippers bit a delivery man (who was already told to stay away from the dog) and a lady who had come to pick up a cake I had done for her (she was the principal of one of the local schools). Both bites seemed out of my control. Fortunately the skin was just grazed. After this I was vigilant about putting a muzzle on him whenever there was company. No one was allowed in the house until that muzzle was on.

My husband had not witnessed any of these 'attacks' and thought I was over reacting. Once someone come to the door and he was going to invite them in when I yelled not to until the muzzle was on. He relented because he could see how serious I was. But I understood because he had not seen for himself what Skippy had done. I really wouldn't have believed it had I not seen for myself.

That spring we had to seed the fenced in back yard. So I got a huge corkscrew anchor, big enough for a German shepherd (Skippers was a leggy medium size dog) and placed it out front and always put his harness on too. I had just let him out and gone to the kitchen when the phone rang. My neighbor next door said she thought my dog had someone cornered at the stop sign across the street. I ran outside screaming and yelling at him. He had gotten the muzzle off and pulled the anchor out of the ground. The elderly woman was completely stiff from fear and was crying with her hands clinched in fist up around her face. Skip had not bitten her. He was holding her at bay basically. I snatched him up put him in the house and in a panic ran after the woman who was now heading to her house. So frighten she was rambling and sobbing. I follow her into her house and sat down with her at the table. Her husband was there and I told him what had happened. He said she had feared dogs since she was a little girl. When she finally got a hold of herself she told me that every time she tried to move that Skippy would nip her. So she stood still. Good thing!

I apologize to her profusely. Went home and spent what I knew would be the last night with Skippers. I made him a steak for his dinner and we slept alone together in the living room that night. The next morning I went to the vet and had my Skippers put to sleep. I wrapped him up in his blanket. Placed him in my lap and drove home. I held him and told him how sorry I was to have to do such a thing. And I buried my best friend.

I share my life now with a little sassy Bichon Frise named Rudy. He makes me laugh and smile everyday. I am the center of his universe.

I have never thought I made a wrong discussion in what I had to do but that doesn't make it any easier.


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