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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Shannon Jacobs

I have wanted cats since I was little. My dad even brought me one home once but I couldn't keep her because it turned out I was allergic to her. Guess when one sleeps on your head for hours you find these things out. :)

5 years ago I had to leave a very precious beagle behind to turn my life around and go in a direction I felt I needed to go. (Please pray that she's alright). When I moved in with my boyfriend he had 3 cats; 2 males and 1 female. According to him and everyone else...Sydney, the girl, had a terrible attitude and didn't like anyone. PC hid from everyone, preferring to slink behind furniture and sit behind curtains.

My boyfriend felt bad about me not having my own pet so we went to the animal shelter and got me a little black cat. She didn't take to me as much as I'd taken to her and I soon gave up trying to be her human. Two days after we got her, Sydney decided "I" was to be selected as her human. She was everything I had ever wanted in a cat. She sat on my lap, walked in front of my computer when I was on it, sat on the counter while I made food in the kitchen, laid with me when I went to sleep. I loved her to death and was thrilled to have her.

About 8 months later, we had to put her to sleep because she had a tumor in her leg that was putting her in a lot of pain and wouldn't be able to be fixed. I was pretty devastated. I went in the room with her when it happened. For most of my life I have been distant from death. No one really close to me has died and those that are near that have, I've avoided the situation. I cried terribly when Sydney died.

About a week later, PC made a complete turn around in my direction. He started jumping up on my lap, walking in front of my computer, coming over to me for food. I even taught him how to roll over for food! I was and still am convinced that Sydney came back to share his body. I know it sounds silly but this cat had never come near me, in fact ran away from me when I'd come in a room. It was just weird.

PC has turned into a very loving cat and has expanded his human horizons, loving more then just me in the house. I have another little cat who's come to start loving me a lot named Pirch. I don't know if Sydney is still in there or has moved on because I now have Pirch but I will always love her and think about her.


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