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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Rayne and Parker

By: Liz Mikre

I have always believed in reincarnation but thanks to my cats, I now have first hand experience. My cat, Parker, was found as an orphan in September 1997. I actually found him the day of Princess Diana's funeral. I am convinced that I was meant to find him on that day to help me with grieving over the Princess's death. I raised him and he became my devoted companion. In January 1999, I noticed he was not feeling well so I took him to the vet. Thinking it was nothing more than an infection. The vet just about killed me when he said the "c" word. Cancer? How could such a young cat develop cancer? I spent the next 4 weeks running him to different specialists. Spending almost $2000. On February 4, 1999, Parker just couldn't take anymore and died.

I was a zombie for the next couple of weeks. When Parker died, a part of me went with him. I actually kept hearing in my head "Mommy, I miss you" I was thought it was the grief talking. At the same time, my other cat, Wolfgang, had taken to lying in the litter box. This is not a good sign for a cat, so I rushed him to the vet. Instead of my usual vet, I tried a holistic vet this time. She couldn't find anything wrong with him. She suggested that I contact an animal communicator to ask Wolfgang what is wrong. I thought it was silly but what the heck, I'll give it a try. I booked an appointment. The communicator "tapped" into Wolfie. She tried to talk to him but he just kept saying "When is the baby coming back" over and over. Parker was the youngest of the group but the communicator didn't know that. I explained that we just lost Parker. She said she can contact him. When she tapped into Parker, she conveyed that Parker is saying over and over "Mommy I miss you." I didn't tell her that. Parker then went on to tell me through the communicator that he came back a couple of times to tell me he's okay. Then Parker asked if he can come home. What do you mean come home? Reincarnate the communicator replied. Is that possible? The communicator explained that animals view this life and the next life differently. To them it is no more than walking into another room. So, they go back and forth much more easily than we do. I told Parker that of course he can come home.

The communicator said that there is nothing to do but wait. Parker will show up where you can find him. One day you will get an overwhelming urge to look for him. During this wait, I lost another cat in a freak accident. I called the communicator right away. The cat, named Rayne, explained it was just her time. She wasn't meant to live as long as she did (1 year). But, she was finished learning the lessons she needed to learn in that body and wants to come back. "Of course, you can come back," I answered. So, now I am waiting for 2 cats to reincarnate.

A few months go by and I started to have dreams that I find a little brown kitten. It must have been Parker sending me messages that he will be home soon. Then July 4th weekend 1999, I woke up and had the uncontrollable desire to call the New York City Animal Shelter. I called and asked if 2 littermates are available for adoption. I don't know why I said this. It just came out. Sure enough, 2 sisters just became available. Sisters? I knew it in every cell of my being that it was Rayne and Parker. But, I was so sure that Parker would be a little boy again. Oh, well. He must want to try it as a girl this time. I race up to the shelter and go through the kitten room. Kittens everywhere but no Rayne and Parker. I run back to reception frantic. The woman brings me back into the room again. A volunteer was holding two screaming kittens. It's them. I just knew it. So, I take them. As I was going through the adoption process, someone comes in and says we have a problem. What problem? It turns out that one of the kittens is not a girl but a boy. Parker! I knew he would come back a boy. I quickly said that there is no problem, I still want them.

I take them back to work. Once settled, I open the carrier. "Parker?" He made this little face as if to say "Yeah, it's me." When I brought them home, the other cats knew it was them. It was a very happy reunion. Usually when bringing home a new cat, the other residents are not happy.

Today, everything is fine. Rayne and Parker don't look the same but they have the same personalities. Rayne is still the same chatterbox. Parker had the softest fur. His nickname was "Soft Cat". He knew how much I loved it because he carried that with him into his new body.


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