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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Dee

I am a biologist and college instructor, and although I had a "fling" with "New Age-y stuff" in the early 80s, I had essentially turned away from "that spiritual hogwash" when I returned to college as a non-traditional student to complete my degree. To be honest, my interest in spirituality was at an all-time low.

In 1997, I moved to a little house situated on about 70 acres of woods, further surrounded by several thousand acres of Pennsylvania State Game Land. Truly a biologist's paradise, as we have black bears, deer, wild turkeys, fox, and coyotes here, as well as golden eagle, hawks, owls and songbirds. Of course my "Kitty Tribe" came with me, six cats (all rescues), and being quite taken with cats, we set out to live happily.

Of course the feral cats soon started showing up, they seemed to know they could always find a meal here. I built them straw bale and tarp shelters to shelter them during the cold weather. Naturally, I got close to a few. including "Bo Bo", a handsome orange tiger tom. Boy he loved his milk and getting petted! But one day Bo Bo disappeared and didn't come back.

I was frantic. In desperation, I posted about him on the net and someone suggested an animal communicator who lived in the state. I must have been truly desperate because I called her. She was very reasonable and only charged me a set fee, no matter how many times I called. Bo Bo was never found but is supposedly living on a farm in the area with a grey long-haired feline beauty he found to be attractive. Shortly after the Bo Bo incident, I came upon a kitty hit, but still alive along a road. I took him home so he could know love and the warmth of a home in his final hours. He died after a few hours. Distraught, I consulted the animal communicator, and she assured me that "Gabriel" had indeed made it home.

A few months later, my handsome Frankie went from a huge, strong, shiny-coated cat to being at death's door in just a few short days. Bewildered, I took him to the vet's twice, and then to the emergency vet's. Apparently my Frankie had an undetected heart defect and at the tender age of three years old, he was facing eternity. The vet tried all night to save him, I called and the vet was right by Frankie's pen and told me things were not looking good. I heard Frankie cry out and I instantly understood, he had enough. I told the vet to remove all the tubes and IVs and things and we rushed over. "Daddy" and I took him to a nearby park and gave him lovings and rubbings and he purred the entire time, right until the very end. Frankie was very relaxed at the end and the vet was gentle and soon we heard that beautiful purr no more.

To say I was grief-stricken would be an understatement. Frankie and I were very close. Again I consulted the animal communicator who assured me that Frankie had indeed communicated to me that he was ready to go, that I had done everything "perfectly" and that he safely made it to the other side. She also assured me that he could hear my "I love you"s and the "angel song" I sang to him when I was alone in my car.

Now here is the strange part, as I "talked" to Frankie about his siblings (three of our Kitty Tribe are his littermates), he began to "answer" back. I didn't hear voices or anything, it is more like these thoughts or pictures pop in my head. I called the animal communicator several times to ask if I was going mad or what? Well she told me that Frankie is now one of my spirit guides and that it is his :job: to help me with the rest of the Kitty Tribe. And he has! He helps gather them to come inside when I must go to work, he tells me when things are or aren't okay. He has never been wrong! Even stranger, I have started communicating with other cats, dogs and even deer sometimes. As you can imagine, I don't exactly broadcast this "ability" as I am a scientist and just starting to be successful and cannot risk having my colleagues think I have lost it.

What humans could not do, my cats have done --lead me back towards the spiritual side of life.

Ah cats -- little purring Buddhas with Reiki Paws!




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