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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

My Little Warrior

By: Bob Lindquist

Such love your heart holds,

God's eyes tear before your love.

Such joy you bring, the angels fly above the gates of heaven,

Beyond the rainbows, the flowers bloom at blackest night and

Such devotion you bring, my heart shadows in your presence, and the

white knight of old, fall to their knees.

Such a hero, your life you give without question, without hesitation,

without thought, in the name of Love my little warrior, my friend, my

love, my four legged dream whose eyes of trust shine and guide me

through the black forest of loneliness.

Whose smile is the soul of many life times past, we walked upon this land

paw, and foot as one in the sands of time.

Your my heart, my soul, my friend, everlasting buddies walking in the

shadows of our dreams, and the light of your smile.



Dedicated to all of my four legged souls, who flower in the cosmos with their Presence.


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