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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Allen Braithwaite

Ten years ago, I was living alone in an inner city apartment in Columbus, Ohio. I missed the companionship of a dog and I went to the city Humane Society to find one. Sitting in the back of a cage was a little three month old lab/pit mix named Hannah. She was adorable, yet shy and scared. Her brindle coloring on a lab frame and her floppy ears made her an oddity to the other dogs. After the adoption was approved, two days later I took her home where to my amazement the strongest bond I would know in my life formed between us.

My life changed quickly with the new responsibilities of parenthood. I woke earlier to insure we had two long walks to the park before I went to work. It was obvious that in her short three months she had dealt with some abuse as I had lived through and had yet to heal. For four months we were never apart. She accompanied me everywhere I went. We began building a trust between us.

Due to previous relationships, I had been feeling a loss of trust leading to a failure to commit to anyone or anything. Hannah's unconditional love and protection for me and mine for her started the healing process for us both. A psychic friend of mine told me that in the short few months I had healed Hannah and that in being healed she would heal me showing me trust, love and an unfailing commitment.

We began communicating with each other, knowing what each of us were thinking and feeling with looks that would pierce my consciousness with words. At cookouts and parties with my neighbors, I would occasionally be on the receiving end of long looks signaling me that it was time to go home. At one party some strangers arrived with a member of the usual group. Uneasiness settled over some of us. Hannah left her place in the dining room, where she would normally oversee the entire first floor keeping an eye on the events unfolding, to sit next to me. She stayed with me like a sentry standing guard with glances letting me know it was time to leave. We spoke an unspoken language.

In 1995, I moved from Ohio to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hannah and I again were on our own and knew as long as we were together we would be safe. I started working in the emergency room of the community hospital where I worked twelve hours shifts leaving Hannah alone in a strange place. When time permitted I would telepathically connect with her during that time to reassure her as due to many changes in our first six months here her anxiety level was high. Our commitment to each other surpasses any I had known. I can think of her when she is in another room and she will come to me, if I let her know when I will be home she greets me at the door ready to go out. One morning before I left, she seemed very upset that I was leaving. I sat and held her explaining that though the hours were long, she needed to realize that these same hours allowed us two full extra days together. Hannah's adjustment seemed automatic, relaxing into a schedule that was at times hard on both of us.

In teaching me love and commitment, I am now very happy in a four year committed relationship. Hannah thankfully is still with me. Hannah and I now start our mornings each taking MSM for our arthritis. I have realized that not only do we have past lives and issues with people, but also with our animals friends. Hannah and I have shared lifetimes past as I have shared lifetimes with others I have learned from or taught in this one. I will always be thankful to her for our time together. Though devastated as I will be when she decides to return home, I know she will be with me and waiting for me with tail-wagging at the end of this lifetime and somewhere in the next.


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