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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Loretta Aleksa

Butler is one of three French Bulldogs that own us. Butler's story is about the kindness of strangers and angels unaware. On a Sunday last October Butler disappeared. We have a fenced in back yard and we allow Butler, Merlin and Molly to run in and out the patio door. We didn't think he could get out so we proceeded to turn the house upside down looking for him. With thoughts of alien abductions and kidnappings racing through our heads I started searching the neighborhood. A little boy told me that he had not seen Butler but he would find him and bring him home in about fifteen minutes. I think the kid vibrates at a higher frequency than us which may make him appear slow to most people. How else could it have been that about fifteen minutes later when Jade and I started out the driveway together a man would be walking down our street searching for the owner of a little bulldog? He said that a woman was holding him by the side of a busy street in front of our edition.

When we found him and the woman, one of many angels at work that day, Butler was panting and in distress. She thought he had been hit since she saw someone pull him out from beneath their car and drive off. She knew of his breed from her work as a dog groomer and was sure someone was looking for him. We rushed Butler to the emergency vet clinic where it was determined after x-rays and a full examine that Butler, miraculously, was not injured. The vet gave him a shot to calm him and home we went. We had our little man back!

The next day Butler, when asked how he got out, showed us by poking his big bat-eared head through a broken slat in the fence. Thankfully Molly and Merlin were not bull headed enough to play follow the leader. A few days later while handing out Halloween candy a little girl and her mom recognized Butler and treated us with yet another leg of his journey. Their neighbor saw Butler on his way out for the afternoon , picked him up on his Harley, and brought him to their house so they could try to find his owner. They had him in their garage where he left through an opening in the door. Some more angels we've added to Butler's list. Who knew angels ride Harleys?

May we all be blessed by angels with beautiful endings to our spiritual journeys.


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