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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Wendy Vasicek

My story began many years ago when I was still part of a young, happy family consisting of two boisterous boys, a loving husband, a Siamese cat and a Basset Hound called Aaron. He was six weeks old when I bought him with my first pay check, from my first job, in our new adopted country, Zimbabwe. He was so cute with his big ears which, at that age, were way out of proportion to the rest of his small body. We would all go into shrieks of laughter to see him trip over his ears as he chased the cat around the back lawn. Life was blissfully happy and it was not uncommon for me to find a tear on my cheek as I drove along the beautiful Jacaranda lined streets of Harare...great sadness and great joy both bring tears to my eyes.

My connection with Aaron was profoundly spiritual. When his eyes looked into mine I saw the reflection of my Self; more clearly, more innocently, more truthfully, than I ever thought possible in this mundane world. He was my touchstone, my sage....

Fridays were traditionally "boys night out" and Dad and the boys would go off to the local Drive-in theatre leaving me at home with Aaron curled up in front of the TV. We had long talks on those quiet Friday evenings...I would speak to him in a certain tone and he would answer in the same tone. I'd change my tone and he'd change his accordingly. Of course I couldn't understand him at all, but the responsive tones and his soulful eyes spoke volumes.

The years passed and we all grew older, my husband grew away and fell in love with someone else. Three marriages later my children had moved to UK with their father and step-mother, Aaron had passed on and I found myself facing the possibility of major surgery. I'd had a colonoscopy and was home waiting to hear if I had to have a colostomy when Aaron visited me in a dream. It was much, much more than a dream, it was the most vivid experience of my life. He spoke words of wisdom to me and I was content just to let those words wash over my wounded heart. Then suddenly I realized what was happening and I exclaimed: "Aaron you can talk, YOU CAN TALK!" His eyes, so wise, looked deeply into mine and smiled as he softly said: "I always could, you just couldn't hear me before"

Needless to say I didn't have the colostomy, although I did have to have further surgery. All went well and Aaron, I know, was with me...will always be with me!



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