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The Ave Maria Experience
By Elisa Brown

"This is truly an amazing CD! When you're feeling down, need a little healing and connection with the Divine, or just needing energy quietly close your eyes and let Elisa's voice and Barry's music inspire."
----Shirley MacLaine

Classical singer Elisa Brown and Grammy Award Winning Producer Barry Goldstein's two year journey into un-chartered musical territory blossomed into a heavenly array of ten, never-before-heard arrangements of the Bach/Gounod beloved classic, "Ave Maria." "Feeling lost and confused, I knelt down in prayer and asked to be shown my life's true path. I added, whatever the sign, Think Big and make this journey a Divine Collaboration. Two weeks later, I met Barry Goldstein. After hearing me sing, he suggested that we work together at his studio...Think Big Studios in NYC." He added, "It would be a truly Divine Collaboration." There was Elisa's sign! Listening to the Ave Maria Experience is a more than just hearing...its a multi-sensory event. Therefore, Elisa and Barry have arranged different mixes to help the listener in his/her journey. These mixes combine world, dance, ethereal vocals and percussive elements to open up the pathways to divinity, and can be used for releasing blocks, dancing and movement, drumming circles or just to open one's heart. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of each CD will be donated to The Zaraspe Foundation to help this organization continue to shine a light of hope into the lives of the disenfranchised.

About Elisa & Barry:
Elisa Brown is dedicated to helping others through song, performing extensively for the Zaraspe Foundation on behalf of the United Nations to raise awareness for the less fortunate around the world. The Zaraspe Foundation's motto: "Teach a Child. Help the Youth. Protect the Elderly." shares Elisa's belief that the arts will bring prosperity to all who are touched by them.

In addition to her work for the Zaraspe Foundation, Elisa has also performed on Off-Broadway and has been a featured soloist in numerous chamber ensembles throughout the Americas. She received a Bachelor of Music degree from The Cleveland Institute of Music and studied voice with internationally distinguished voice teachers Maria Farnworth, Josephine Mongiardo, and Maria Powell.

Grammy Award Winning Producer Barry Goldstein has composed for film, television, record companies, and Grammy Award Winning artists over the span of his 15 year career. Barry's musical experience spans many genres from winning a Grammy with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music to Shirley Maclaine. A translator of Sacred Sound and Inspirational Song, Barry has performed for Deepak Choprah, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Dannion Brinkley.

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