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Ambiology 1 - The Heart
by Barry Goldstein

Ambient tones and soothing textures that take the listener into a deep state of relaxation

This CD takes the listener into a deep state of relaxation using its lush, long tones and ambient textures. The first in the 6-CD series Ambiology, it creates the perfect groundwork for the listener. Composed at a tempo consistent with your heart at a relaxed state, the "Heart" naturally brings the listener's breathing back to its natural rhythm! The one-hour composition brings the listener to an environment where releasing stress and achieving meditative states are easily achieved.

Composed by Grammy award-winning Producer Barry Goldstein whose works have graced major films, television and received rave reviews in papers such as Billboard, American Spa Magazine and Massage and Bodyworks!

The mission of this series is to create an environment where the listener can achieve total relaxation and assist in the healing process.

"The center of who we are lives within us, in our heart. Let go with each breath you take and let the deep tones permeate your heart. Feel a sense of calm engulf you, as a relaxed state becomes your new rhythm!

Great for:
Relieving Stress and emotional challenges
Creating a feeling of safety and nurturing
Assisting in relieving stress associated with chronic and terminal illness
Sleeping disorders and challenges
Relaxation and meditation
Stress relief
Massage therapy
Dental, medical and chiropractic offices
Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and all types of energy work
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