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Mary Kay Movie Clips

On October 6, 2002, CBS presented the Mary Kay Ash story, which was titled by CBS, "Hell on Heels." This is a movie I thoroughly enjoyed making and I hope you enjoy as well. Below is a QuickTime movie clip from the show.

Mary Kay Movie Clip
Play Mary Kay Clip
QuickTime, 4.2 MB

In January 2003, Shirley received a nomination from the Golden Gloves as Best Actress for her performance as Mary Kay Ash.

A quick trip... in more ways than one.

I had a short break in filming the Mary Kay story in Winnipeg and I wanted to get back to the States as soon as I could to rest for a couple of days before returning to work. We were wrapping the last scene I was in that day. It was 3:25 PM and I had 45 minutes to get to the airport, which is 20 minutes away and get on a plane scheduled to depart at 4:10 PM. As soon as they told me I was wrapped for the day, I headed for the trailer. As I was walked I was undressing. Jewelry was the first to come off. Then the wig came flying off. Then I dashed into the trailer and made a quick change into my street clothes. When I emerged and rushed to the waiting van, I still had my hair in pins with a stocking on over them.

Two of Winnipeg's finest, Doug Blaine and Hugh Black, policemen that had served as security when I was given Winnipegian citizenship were on set that day. Before I knew it we were headed for the airport with a police cruiser leading the way. Lights were flashing and the siren was blaring. I imagined that Frank Sinatra was looking down on me with a big grin. That’s how he liked to travel. In the backseat of the cruiser was Kenny Boyce, Winnipeg’s Manager of Film and Cultural Affairs, who was in constant contact with the airline’s concierge. Our driver, Ryan Kulbaba, kept pace with the cruiser and delivered us safely in record time… just under 7 minutes!

We bailed out of the car and rushed into the terminal where airline personnel were waiting. While they printed our boarding passes, this picture was snapped of our Winnipeg escorts. My hat is off to these fine men, their ingenious methods and the skill in which their methods were executed. Thank you all.

Winnipeg Photo Left to right. Kenny Boyce, Officer Doug Blaine, Shirley, Officer Hugh Black, Ryan Kulbaba
About Shirley
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