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Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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Information expands our knowledge base. Knowledge is what colors the world we experience. As free thinkers we feel a need, maybe even a right, to be informed. Our announcement page reports on a variety of issues that are important to the community of

This Week on IE Radio

The conscious mind directly interrelates to all aspects of life: Spirit, Mind and Body. Personal growth and development is achieved by opening the conscious mind to extrinsic ideas that can be explored and applied to life. Each week we try to bring consciousness-expanding information to you in the unique format of Independent Expression Radio. Find out what we will be talking about next might just change your view of reality.

Next on Cooking in the Lite

We are living longer than previous generations and we all want to have healthy, energetic, happy lifestyles, no matter what our age group. Cooking in the Lite Radio provides ideas, recipes, nutritional information and alternative health news, all in a unique radio format. Guests share knowledge and tips that can help each of us achieve a more health-oriented, energy-filled, active, and creative life. What's the topic for this show? Take a look.


Calenders and clocks are human creations designed to add a sense of order to our lives. But, according to quantum physics, time may be coexisting and happening all at once. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all now. Theoretically that concept has merit. But for those of us that are still caught in the physical reality of this plane of existence, we have created a calendar to keep you informed of events, dates, and times that will be of interest to you.

Shirley's Schedule

What's going on in my reality? Am I in a new movie? Writing a new book? Guesting on a talk show? Being interviewed for a magazine? Speaking to a group? Or just taking long nature walks in the hills of New Mexico? This is the place to find out what is happening in my life.

Join New News Email List

To be informed of New News from, please join our free New News email list. I will keep you updated on community information, schedules, and happenings on the site and in my life. Our New News email does not include my monthly newsletter, The ShirleyGram, or the Cooking in the Lite newsletter, which are available to members, but it will let you know what is going on in our members area, as well as the rest of the site.

Featured Products

My Featured Products page lets me share some of the wonderful products I have tried, tested, watched, read, listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed. I want to share these because I know you will enjoy them, too!

Latest Stories from Our Members and Visitors

Everyone has an experience to share. Your story might be about your fur-person, or something that lifted your spirit, or brought attention to the never-ending, all-knowing existence of spirit, or it might be about a UFO experience. Each experience shared makes us laugh or cry, feel sorrow or feel joy. They may pique our curiosity and make us think a bit deeper, but each and every experience you share teaches us. Share your experiences and read what others have already shared.

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