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Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a members-only area?
I wanted an area where members of our community could explore information with people of like minds without feeling inhibited. This is also the most technically advanced area of my site, which includes secure servers, radio programs, chat rooms, video files and more.

Why do you call the members-only area IE?
IE stands for Independent Expression, which is important for individual growth. If we didn't have independent thought and expression we would never learn about ourselves, the physical world that surrounds us, or the spiritual world within us.

Why do you charge a fee for membership?
I believe in services rendered - remuneration paid. This is the spiritualization of money. I believe most of you would agree that if you work, you should be paid for that work. We have gone to great expense and time to put this entire site together and to create a community where all aspects of our lives can be explored. I have taken no money from this site, but we do have scribes and technical people that do need to be paid for the services they provide.

What are your membership fees?
$9.99 for a monthly members; $99.90 for an annual membership. We also offer discount rates to seniors (over the age of 55), students and membership overseas of $5.49 monthly, $54.90 annual.

How do I pay for a membership?
You may pay online using your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card, or you may pay by mail using our printable order form.

Are credit card transactions secure on
Yes. They are as secure as technology will allow. We have taken every precaution available. However, if you prefer, you may join our member's area by sending a money order or your credit card number through the mail.

How will I be billed?
The credit card you signed up with will be automatically billed once a month, unless you signed up for a yearly membership. In that case you are re-billed once a year. If the card has expired or there is some other problem with it, you will be notified via email and given an opportunity to correct the information so that you may continue your membership.

If I want to cancel my membership, what should I do?
I hope you don't, but if you need to cancel your membership, you may do so in one of two ways:
  1. Log in to IE using your username and passsword. After you have logged in, go to 'My Account & Profile' under the Membership section. Here you will find a link to cancel your account.
  2. You may contact us through email and request that your membership be cancelled. That email address is

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