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IE Radio
Tune into Independent Expression Radio for a new interview every Sunday at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern. All radio shows are archived so you won't miss a thing.

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This Week's IE Radio Guest
Linda Bender DVM
Join me Sunday, September 14th for a wonderful program about Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals with Dr. Linda Bender, DVM.

Next  Find out more about this week's guest, or listen to all previous shows, in the Independent Expression Radio section.

Now Playing on Cooking in the Lite Radio

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Current CL Radio Guest

Cooking in the Lite is on hiatus

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If they could see me now...
Shirley's Australian Tour
Shirley will be appearing in Australia and New Zealand December 4th through 13th at the following venues:

12/4/14 Melbourne - Hamer Hall
12/6/14 Adelaide – Festival Theatre
12/8/14 Brisbane – Lyric Theatre
12/10/14 Sydney – State Theatre
12/13/14 Auckland, NZ – Auckland Civic Theatre

Check the venue for exact time of the event.
September 2014 Numerology
is online now!
September 2014 is a 6 month!

What does that mean for you?
Click here to find out!

See what your name number means here!
The September 2014 ShirleyGram
is online!
To read my monthly members newsletter called The ShirleyGram just login on the homepage and use the upper navigation bar. Click on 'Newsletter' and enjoy. Please note that the online version includes photographs.

Are you a member?

If you have something you might want to see in the ShirleyGram, let me know. Drop me a note.

Are you a member?
Mini Meditation...
A boost during the day
An Energy Mini-Meditation

Sit comfortably and take three deep cleansing breaths. Focus on the root charka.
Feel it swirl and move through the other chakras in balanced harmony.
Visualize the spiraling energy expanding outward and upward.

Next, focus on the crown chakra and allow it to bring universal energy down through the top of your head.
Feel it swirl through the chakras to the base of your feet.
Paperback now on sale!
If you haven't read "What If..." by Shirley MacLaine, now is the perfect time to get it! Available in paperback!
Shirley's latest book
Available Now!
Read more about it HERE!

Read and listen to excerpts HERE!

Order it from Amazon HERE!
In your own words...
Your stories on line!
Visit The Pet Pages to read stories about fur people, and Spirit Stories: In your own words, and UFO Stories for accounts of personal encounters!

Send your submissions to us!

The New York Times Magazine
Dec 8
To see a stunning picture of Shirley. And check out the video of Shirley, Terry and Buddy HERE. Scroll down to the bottom left of the page.
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Do you have a story
you would like to share?
Whether you want to share an experience with your fur purson, a UFO encounter or a story to inspire others, please send them to us at We will post them on the appropriate pages.

Visit our pet pages, spiritual life pages, and our UFO pages.

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We have recently been informed that AOL, and sometimes Earthlink, is blocking our newsletters and other mailouts as unwanted SPAM.

To ensure that you receive all of the mailouts that you have signed up for, please make sure to add the following address to your email address book:

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