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Lisette Larkins has had extraordinary extraterrestrial encounters since childhood. The importance of them was to reveal to her the possibility of experiencing a “chronic state of well-being” and to inspire the recognition that, as spiritual beings in human bodies, we are designed to create to the same degree and with the same ability as extraterrestrials.

Stuck in a miserable job she hated, a marriage that had run its course, and a newborn baby, Lisette Larkins was at a breaking point in her life. At the nadir of all this in the fall of 1987, Lisette experienced an event that propelled her into a life of fulfilled dreams and inner peace: she was “contacted” by mysterious “visitors” who selected her for spiritual initiation. On top of being a young wife and mother, struggling with an abusive employer and a failing marriage, she was experiencing strange paranormal events that only she could hear or see. Because of this, her then-husband secretly arranged for her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She desperately wanted to understand what was happening to her. Why was she chosen? Why now?

In ‘Above and Beyond’, Larkins’ latest book in this fascinating genre of extraterrestrial experiences, she explains that spiritual initiation happens in the context of deeply painful and often “horrible” life events that are usually resisted and fought with every fiber of the initiate’s strength. Lisette was in a difficult time of her life and chose to apply the spiritual lessons that were posed by the strange visitors who had turned her world upside down. The hardships that she has faced are merely “tests” designed to demonstrate her emerging spiritual mastery in finding solutions to difficult problems with dignity and grace.

Through her previous writings, Lisette reveals what she has learned from wise extraterrestrial visitors who are here to help us evolve. In this, her sixth book, she will initiate you on your own journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious adventures of eternal life. Lisette has been implementing her ET mentors’ counsel for more than three decades, creating new projects and helping others to face difficulties and heartache with competency and enthusiastic strength of will. She lives a quiet life in Malibu, California with her partner, Kent, and their exuberant therapy dog, Kelly.

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IE Radio Guest
Lisette Larkins

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