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Old 08-20-2014, 08:09 AM
steve harmn steve harmn is offline
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Default Friday

Jose was a lot of things but loyal to his family was a number one and his weakness.Even the toughest guy are weak when there family is in danger.Across the border he came using the tunnel.He brought five men with him and black bag full of money.Another five were waiting state side at there head quarters in Mexican café in the east side.They all gathered as Jose talked.
"Okay its in a couple hours.This guy is not stupid he'll be looking for my men.So what I want is a look out and cars of men on the four side streets to follow and kill him.Your reward is half the bag$500.000 dollars."
The men all looked excited at the thought of making so much.But here of the amount of men he'd already killed made some weary.

Noon came and Peter and Jimy and Maria were all in the house.Jose came to the front door and let himself in.He looked anger but placed the bag and a kitchen table.Jimy looked inside.
"Very good Jose and here is your daughter excuse the blond hair ony way I could get out of your country."
Maria walked over to her father and stood by his side.THen Peter walked over as well.
"Heres the deal Jose I know you got a gun somewhere on your body.I was hired to kill you.Going to give you to the count of three to go for it."JImy took off his suit jacket and revealed a shoulder holster.
"ONe."And Jose pushed his daughter a side."Two."Then he took off his jacket and revealed a 9mm automatic.'three."
Jimy pulled his pistol out fired rapidly three shots.Killing Jose as he fired wilding after getting hit and going down.Peter went for his gun and was killed instantly.Maria bent down to get her fathers gun and was shot dead as well.

The guard posted outside was worry and phoned the others of the shooting.They all came driving back just as Jimy pulled out in his 4 wheel drive car.
Three cars were full of men and they stuck there heads out firing different kinds of weapons.Bullet hit the back window shaddering it.They raced down the street and each car tried to pass the other for the money.Going 80 miles and hour down side streets.Jimy let loose an oil spray from front.He coated the road behind him and the first car hit it spinning out and hitting a telephone post throwing men through the front wind shield.The ones in back out on the pavement some dead others knocked out.THe other cars drove to either side of the slick.
Then Jimy did an 360 and took out a hand held rocket stepping out of the car fired.It hit one car and it explored in a ball of fire.The other kept coming thinking Jimy was out of tricks.
But no Jimy took out An M79 canister and firing through the wind shield killing everyone on board as the car kept going and landed through a 7-11 front window.

THe CIA AND NSA AND FBI all saw what there person in the field did and sent the money to his Swiss bank account.
I guess a normal person killing so many would have felt bad but Jimy was able to put it to the side in his brain.Thinking {I ONLY KILL BAD GUYS}.

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