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Default Hello From Mazatlan !!

Good morning Shirley !!

Enjoying a well deserved vacation in Mexico and keeping my eyes on the sky!!!!!!

You're very welcomed !! Maybe someday you would be interested in speaking with Christiane and Kaya who wrote the Angel books. They are now touring western Canada giving conferences, but will be back end of June.

Another good IE topic would be Drunvalo Melchizedek. I have read 2 of his books on his connections with Hopi, Mayans and Australian Elders and he would have much to say on these subjects and Sacred Geometry also.

Thank YOU Shirley for having this site where everyone can come to and feel good and safe.

I have met the nicest people from all over the world !!

Hugs and Love to you and Terry
Know Thyself and You Will Know The Universe
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