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Default Hi Kris !!

Hi Kris !

I spent all of Sunday with them..their Conference was on explaining the world of real life and in dreams.

They are wonderful and their Teachings are so important for the times we live in.

When you will attend their Conference, you can easily approach them so speak to them, they are very very available to each and every person.

I often waited at the end of the evening, that way, I could speak without having someone waiting to speak to them and feel that I must hurry.

When you do meet them, and speak of me, make sure you use my name : Patricia, because they wont know who Pema is . But when you mention Shirley MacLaine's web site, they will know immediately and identify me and the site, as I have spoken to them and have their permission to post the information of their books here.

Hugs and Love to you Kris,
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