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Oh wow ! I know so many trees here in the forest. It is one of my favorite things to do , just sit under a tree against it's massive trunk and watch the leaves fall gently to the ground. Large leaves of maple and the slivers of gold from the myrtle. Loving every minute of it ! Going back to New York in two weeks to witness the east coast beauty of fall , wow ! I freaked out when I was in Central Park and saw a cardinal with it's bright red feathers , ya just don't see those over here !Hope I get to see the park again , but ya just don't know as I travel with my 86 yr. old friend , he is a stickler for sticking to his rigid schedule and we have over 70 art galleries to see in only 14 days. Send prayers to my feet everyone as my friend does not believe in taxi cabs , ouch.
Brightest Blessings to All ~
Oh what is it about the green of shamrocks that sets my heart to spinning? ~ I'll se ye in Ireland !
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