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Default Poem of a Forest Woman

I am a lady of the forest
a woman of many talents.
Speaking to the creatures ,
sweetly singing songs to Raven , Crow , Owl.
Nature surrounds me and fills me full.
With a warm hand ,
I reach to pet
Goat , Horse , Deer , Elk.
I whisper secrets to the trees
and to the moon and stars.
Love of the forest is my magic and laughter.
When Salmon run I swim in their wake.
On frosty morning I pick sweet violets
and let them melt on my tongue.
I gather leaves in the fall,
bouquets in the spring,
cedar boughs in winter.
In the summer I run barefoot through the forest
and sleep on the mossy banks beside the river.
I am mesmerized by the luminous wings of crows,
as they enchant me with feathers of poems.
I am a lady of the forest.

Sue Bee 2001~all rights reserved
Brightest Blessings to All ~
Oh what is it about the green of shamrocks that sets my heart to spinning? ~ I'll se ye in Ireland !
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