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Jocelyn_M_Padilla 05-11-2012 07:58 PM

Need help understanding
If someone can give me guidance and an easier way of learning the different guides we have.

What is the difference between our higher selves, our angels, our spirt guides? Are they essentially one entity? This is one thing that has always confused me. Is an angel and a spirit guide the same thing and our H.S is a totally different thing?

How many angels are we supposedly born with and are we issued temporary ones for certain parts of our life we need to focus on. Say for instance if someone was having trouble with money, unemployment etc would they be issued a guide that would aid them in their search for some financial stability?

I know many here are more advanced than I in many topics. Just wish to have clarification on the differences each of these beings or energies do for each individual soul.

jmills 05-18-2012 12:59 PM

Possible answers
I kept watching for a response to your post. Since I didn't see anything, I thought I would do some research for you. Youtube has some excellent links with video that you can sort through and watch. Be certain to check the "related links" area on the right side of your screen and the "load more suggestions" button at the bottom-right. I found the following links:
I cannot begin to sort or interpret the materials. I just thought it might be a good way to begin your research. I hope this helps

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