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Sue Bee 12-01-2001 02:37 PM

Poem of a Forest Woman
I am a lady of the forest
a woman of many talents.
Speaking to the creatures ,
sweetly singing songs to Raven , Crow , Owl.
Nature surrounds me and fills me full.
With a warm hand ,
I reach to pet
Goat , Horse , Deer , Elk.
I whisper secrets to the trees
and to the moon and stars.
Love of the forest is my magic and laughter.
When Salmon run I swim in their wake.
On frosty morning I pick sweet violets
and let them melt on my tongue.
I gather leaves in the fall,
bouquets in the spring,
cedar boughs in winter.
In the summer I run barefoot through the forest
and sleep on the mossy banks beside the river.
I am mesmerized by the luminous wings of crows,
as they enchant me with feathers of poems.
I am a lady of the forest.

Sue Bee 2001~all rights reserved
Brightest Blessings to All ~

stanley 12-01-2001 03:22 PM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman
this is beautiful...
what makes it so extra special
privately to me...
is that I woke-up thingking about you
you see..
for; i have a favor
if you could grant it to me...
To float a flower
for my daughter Laurel
and to set a horrible memory

my smile,
my love,
Forest Women...
(if we could know about the when of this ceremony...we could be embracing our tears together)...(she will be with me tommorrow)

Sue Bee 12-01-2001 10:05 PM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman
Of course Stanley , I would be honored to float a flower and some healing herbs for you.I will be sleeping in a wee bit tomorrow so lets see , how about 11:30, Oregon time. I believe I have a red carnation in bloom out in the garden [if the rain storm and hail did not pelt it too badly] also I have some pink penstemon and I will float some purple sage for healing and protection and a bit of rosemary for friendship and I am sure I can find a couple of violets for love ~ Take care and have a magical day together tomorrow !
Brightest Blessings to All ~

stanley 12-02-2001 07:33 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman
I rejoice that the river flows...
and that we are lead back to what love knows..
I work from 9 to 1 or so today..
then, Laurels coming over...I've told her already..
and, we cryed some yesterday...
She's very pregnet with number 3
so she may not go with me to the river later...
A lovely friend has offered me flowers from her shop.
do you feel me
do you feel my love...
thank you for this beautiful way...

lasep 12-02-2001 08:44 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman

I love this Sue.

It makes me long for
the forests of the north.

With Love, Linda

lasep 12-02-2001 08:46 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman ~Stanley~


Sending love to you and to Laurel.


Chitown 12-02-2001 11:39 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman
I love to be out in the Wild; lets me be Wild! Some look at the Raven; the Crow and sense something ominious; Not I.
I love them too. When I am in the same Space with them; there is Spiritual Communication. Thanks for your poem.

Isn't it funny that this just might be the one place that I remain (uncharacteristicly) quiet. Ha! Absorbing this place called "Creativity Cornor".

Chitown 12-02-2001 11:46 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman Attn: Stanley
Good Morning Stanley!
The soft side of Stanley; Wow....
You have a daughter,hmmm....
Straight for Home, Stanley.
Sending Happy Thoughts!
God is Great!

angelhawk 12-02-2001 11:47 AM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman~Stanley~
You might want to remember, and to remind Laurel, that winners once were crowned with a wreath of laurel leaves.


Sue Bee 12-02-2001 12:22 PM

Re: Poem of a Forest Woman
Thanks , I just feel so blessed to be here , to share what I feel and see sometimes.
Brightest Blessings to All ~

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