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Personal readings provide wonderful insight into your past, present and future. These readings include current trends and cycles, transits, progressions, both secondary and solar arc, and your current solar return...and our astrologers tell you what all of that means. Our astrologers also provide compatibility charts for love and romance, or for businesses.

Astrology provides wonderful insight into your past, present, and future. It is a tool for self awareness than can help you reach greater understanding of all aspects of your life. I have readings done regularly and I recommend astrological forecasts to everyone I know.

Finding a good astrologer is the first step to a good reading. We have two exceptionally talented women associated with Sandra Helton and Clarisa Bernhardt. I highly recommend both of these intuitive astrologers!

Browse through the types of readings we have made available on Clarisa and Sandra are both gifted astrologers with specialized areas of interest. Each astrology reading that you order contains a chart and a personally interpreted analysis that you may refer back to over and over again.

You may be wondering how to chose a type of reading? I would suggest that you start with a Natal or Birth Chart by Sandra, or with Personal INsights by Clarisa. If you are more familiar with astrology and your chart, you may want to explore a Karmic or Esoteric forecast with Sandra. If you are involved in a relationship and want to better understand your compatibility, or if you are a business person concerned with the trends of your company, you may want to consult Clarisa. Always follow your heart and Spirit will be there to guide you.


In Love and Light,

PS: Look for other types of astrological readings coming to in the future.

"Knowledge of self is self-empowerment"
Shirley MacLaine

"The time and place of your birth is your portal into this dimension"
Sandra Helton

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