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UFOs Over Mexico: The First Wave

By: Brit Elders

Shortly after midday, July 11, 1991, two physical events of historic proportion simultaneously unfolded above the ancient Anahuac Valley, which today cradles the world's largest metropolis, Mexico City. The concurrent appearance of these two spectacular visuals were entwined in a cord that tied the present to the past.

The early peoples of Mexico vanished long ago, but their elaborate astronomical and mathematical formulas remain accurate to this day. Over one thousand years have passed since the great Maya astronomers and seers foretold the emergence of the Sixth Sun of Queztacoati, a Tiger Sun, born of the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991. Both revered and feared by past societies, eclipses have traditionally been attributed to transcendental aspects of life. In the Codices, the tattered remnants of a once great civilization, the Maya recorded their prophetic significance of this transition into the Sixth Sun as the harbinger of two life-altering occurrences: 'cosmic awareness through encounters with the masters of the stars and coming earth changes'.




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