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Have you Hugged your Pet Today?

(You may need it more than they do!)

Cats and dogs.

Or as friends of mine call them, "fur people".

Numerous studies have shown that our beloved little (or big) fur people contribute to our well being. Their attributed gifts to us include lowering blood pressure, relieving anxiety and stress and, in some remarkable instances, even saving our lives.

"They instinctively instruct us in the ability to accept love and return it..."

On a more spiritual level they are tremendous teachers. They instinctively instruct us in the ability to accept love and return it.

If we took the time to study and appreciate all that they are, we would see that they are more often than not a reflection of ourselves, with similar needs to our own. There is, however, one major exception. They are what and who they are. There is no pretense. There are no boundaries in their expressions of likes or dislikes or of love.

They communicate differently than we do (I think many are telepathic), but they always seem to get through to our sometimes dense three dimensional senses. When they are hungry, cold or have discovered a new route of escaping the backyard fence, they have a way of communicating that specific to us, even if it means turning up on the front doorstep covered in mud.

Whether or not we consciously realize how important they are to us, they always seem to know when we need them. After we've had a rough day they greet us by wagging their tails or by cuddling in our laps as if to let us know that everything is going to be okay. This sense of comfort may be the most cherished gift they give because the love they give nourishes our spirituality.


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