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August 2014

August 2014 carries the numerological frequency of six, which is often associated with excess and indecision. But that frequency can be raised to be the harmony between above and below, reconciliation and intellectual creativity.

Six is an extroverted, feminine number that some cultures consider the ĎMotherí number as it is generally nurturing and protective. The appearance of indecision stems from the desire to achieve harmony, balance and neutrality.

In your professional life you may find yourself talking business associates under your wing to guide and teach them. If that is the case be cautious that you donít approach the role of teacher with an air of superiority. That is one of the downsides to the energy of a six month.

Your idealistic goals can sometimes fall on deaf ears. Think them through carefully before you communicate them to others if you want to be heard and recognized. This isnít the best month to request a raise or major change in working conditions but itís a good time to set the foundation for future discussions of those areas.

Try to avoid excess stress this month in both your career and your private life. Stressors will tend to be blown out of proportion. Meditation, even a simple two-minute chakra alignment will do wonders to keep you in your own harmony. (Thereís one in Augustís ShirleyGram newsletter.)

Your personal life will reflect similar aspects to your business life; however, this is a good month to beautify your surroundings. Simply rearranging the furniture to give a room a better feng shui feel or adding a colorful pillow or potted plant may be enough to lift any dampened spirits.

Youíll probably find yourself wanting to love and be loved more than usual. Thatís because a six month can bring up a feeling of insecurity. Use that feeling to connect to your Higher Self and the depths of your soul. New people entering your life this month will be there to provide lessons. Keep that in mind and allow the experience to unfold.

Six months can be wonderfully balanced and filled with enlightenment, if you work toward that goal.



August is a 6

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