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March 2014

March 2014 carries the numerological frequency a five, which is indicative of high-energy independence.

Get ready for a wild ride!

Your professional life could find you wondering if you have selected the right position this month. Thatís because five months have a tendency to make you challenge your current status. It may not be the perfect time to jump ship and probably not the best time to express your business independence and set out on your own, but it is a great time to think about your future and what would make you feel happy and productive in your career.

Routine may seem trivial this month and the need to expand your horizon will probably be in the back of your mind at all times. Itís important to remember that routine is often necessary for accomplishment and that sense of fulfillment will ease the desire to spread your wings.

Your personal life will certainly keep you busy. Youíll probably feel a need to be moving constantly; stagnation wonít be part of your vocabulary. Relations may come and go in the flash of a smile - or a frown - and youíll need to change, alter, and rearrange much of what surrounds you. You canít help it. Thatís what the energy of a five month does.

There is one caution of this monthÖ that is to not get caught up in hesitance and uncertainty. Itís the ideal time to follow your heart and your intuition. Questioning your choices will cause nothing but a major dilemma. Once you have made a decision, give it a ride. If guided by your instincts and intuition it might be the perfect direction for your adventure.

Be sure to take self-time to meditate and center. That will help you maintain a balance during all the excitement of this month!



March is a 5!

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