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February 2014

February 2014 carries the numerological frequency of four.

A month filled with four energy will find you desiring stability in all aspects of life while your ambition soars. This is a productive, stable month.

Your business life will be systematic, controlled and organized to allow you optimum success. Your dependability will not be unnoticed, nor will your productivity. Itís a time when you can feel part of the team and yet dedicated to your specific tasks. Realize that not everyone can keep up with you and try to avoid judgement of others that may lag behind. While you find tremendous satisfaction in work and career, you must be careful that you donít over commit or spend overly long, exaggerated hours at the office or work place. Your sense of responsibility is heightened this month but itís equally important to have time away from the business side of life.

On the personal side of life itís wise to refrain from being too methodical and stable. Allow some freedom for dreams and other level awareness to entertain and enliven your thoughts. Try not to allow yourself to become a recluse in the process and try to open to ideas and thoughts of others that will spark you in the coming months.

A four month is a centering time but it also preparation for the future..

The symbology of four indicates being grounded in nature. Itís a number of completion and this month may find you wanting to freshen up your domain to prepare for next monthís seasonal equinox. Meditation will come easy this month as will solitary projects.



February is a 4!

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