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August 2013

August 2013 carries the numerological frequency of 5, which is the pivotal point between the numbers 1 and 9 and represents the five senses of humanity.

August can be an amazing month or a dismal month because the number 5 is a tipping point. This is a number of adventure, courage, passion, empathy and resourcefulness… if you tip it one way. If it is tipped the other way it can be a number that indicates restlessness, uncertainty, unreliability and hesitance.

5 months have a tendency to begin slowly to allow you to find your footing and direction. Once you have your ground it will provide a wild ride filled with met expectations – all of which are dependant on your attitude and outlook on life.

Let’s focus on the upside of what this month may bring in your personal life. This can be an active month both physically and mentally, as your curiosity will be soaring to great heights. It won’t be the small mundane questions you’ll be seeking answers to but the grand scheme of life in all of its forms.

You might feel a bit introverted but you’ll seek others that are also explorers of the spirit and mind. Relationships will blossom overnight as a 5 month indicates speed and rapid progression. Enjoy it – you can analyze it all later. You’ll probably enjoy the playfulness of this month as well as a new sense of freedom. Be careful not to embrace that freedom too much as you will still have responsibility – that’s a thing that a 5 energy likes to avoid.

In your professional and business life you’ll probably be highly motivated and brimming with new concepts. You’ll recognize the influence you have over others so remember that they too are experiencing this energy and give them a say. Together you may rock the world with a new invention or business-altering idea. Try not to be too impulsive and educate yourself to all aspects of a new concept before you share it with others.

This August you must take time to center and maintain a balance, as this is a pivotal month that can tip either direction. Meditation, ‘inner-spection’, and quiet solitude will help you maintain a sense of well-being in this adventurous, sometimes topsy-turvy month.



August is a 5!

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