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July 2013

July 2013 carries the numerological frequency of 11, which is emphasized by Mercuryís retrograde position.

This is considered a master number and a spiritual messenger that often brings up karmic lessons. This is the number of power, success, and adventure.

In many aspects you might find life, both professional and personal, in a small tug of war Ė especially as we are in a Mercury retrograde cycle for the first three weeks of July and this particular retrograde cycle is about balance. The strengths and weaknesses of the number 11 are often contradictory and it isnít unusual to experience both the ups and the downs but, due in part to Mercury, itís is imperative we seek a harmony in all we do.

11 is a high vibratory number whose requirement is focus. It is a number of illumination, charisma, sensitivity, success and power. But it is also a number of duality and without conscious direction one may experience the polarity of the above-mentioned strengths.

In both aspects of life Ė career and personal - it will be important to avoid power trips or being so complacent that nothing gets accomplished. Donít allow yourself to be drawn into intensity from either polarity. Rise above the fray should be the watchwords for this month.

July can and should be a time of creativity, success, and spiritual awareness. Allow others to contribute to your awareness and share your insights in return, but always with respect for individual development timelines and the knowledge that none of us have all the answers Ė only what works at any specific moment.

Be certain to make that extra space in life for personal time that can help bring this month together in its full expression. Donít let June be a time of waffling between the dualities of 11 and Mercury. Maintain a focus, center your energy through meditation and inner-connectivity and July can shine brightly for you.



July is an 11

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