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April 2013

April 2013 carries the energy of an eight. This frequency is considered the highest vibration of the feminine number. It痴 also considered a nurturing (giving and receiving number) as well as the number of karma.

Eight is a powerful number and any month that carries its energy is likely to bring wealth and development. It is the number of justice, inspiration and genius. It痴 considered auspicious to the Chinese who believe it expresses the totality of the universe.

In your career or professional life you値l most likely feel a drive to succeed at whatever tasks are at hand. This will be an active time both physically and mentally and you may find yourself taking control of just about everything that crosses your path.

Take a moment before over-committing though and give thought as to how others might react to your domination in the workplace. The downside to all this energy is a tendency to be overwhelming and sometimes a bit tactless. If you take a moment before any decision you値l find a more cooperative team effort will be at hand.

In your personal life you値l probably be feeling quite independent and yet you値l be a magnet to others. This is a great time to allow people to enter your life and to exchange ideas and philosophies. Your thought and actions will most likely be guided by strong intuition, which rises in an eight month. Allow that to be your compass and rely on it when you can.

This will be an extremely active month both personally and professionally. You may feel drawn to distant shores or spontaneous travel. You値l feel a need to expand your horizons.

Just be certain to take time for self, as your batteries will need to recharge to keep up with the rest of you! This can be a peaceful time at the same time it is dynamic. What comes to mind is the prayer of saint Francis of Assisi:

Lord, make me an instrument of peace.

Where there is the hatred, let me put love.

Where there is the offense, let me put forgiveness.

Where there is the discord, let me put union.

Where there is the error, let me put truth.

Where there is the doubt, let me put faith.

Where there is the despair, let me put hope.

Where there is darkness, let me put light.

Where there is the sadness, let me put the joy.



April is an 8!

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