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January 2013

2013 (2+0+1+3) carries the frequency of the number six. January carries the frequency of a nine. Together they are 15 or 1+5=6.

Like December 2012, January 2013 has the numerological vibration of a six.

Six is a two sided coin, as are most numbers but the extremes are wide with this number.

On the upside it is a very nurturing number, whom the ancients said was ruled by Venus. It represents beauty, harmony, responsibility, family, comfort and service, all of which are important aspects this month.

On the downside it can indicate excess, indecision, misunderstanding and lack of communication. Itís also a number that lets a person slide into a excessively laid back approach to life, which can be very detrimental.

During January use the enlightened energy of the six to open to your caring and nurturing aspects. If you do, you will probably find a personal need to lend a helping hand in any way possible to as many as you can. Keep in mind that constantly being there for others can lead to depletion in your own energy.

Guard your health from the extreme emotional or physical activities and take ample time for you. You may desire to be in the midst of groups and gatherings but slow down and pull back when your energy feels low. Slow nature walks, long meditations, qi gong, a good book, or a movie are excellent ways to recharge your batteries.

Your career life might find a few obstacles this month but if you tap into the nurturing side of this six month you will be able to understand the point of the difficulty and easily overcome it.

Whether in your personal life or your professional life, take time to listen to others with understanding, but most importantly, listen to yourself and use the nurturing energy of this month to maintain your personal balance and harmony.



January 2013 = 6

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