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October 2012

October 2012 should be a magical month. It carries the numerological frequency of eleven (11), which, as a master number, is the number of power, success and adventure.

As a master number it is directly linked to spiritual enlightenment and divine insight. Eleven is the higher vibration of two, which harmonizes with beauty, truth and perception. October can be what you want it to be!

You will be inclined to see the bigger picture of events affecting both your personal and career life. Details may seem insignificant but keep in mind that the details will carry the success of your vision forward. If you can balance the two you can move toward your goals with little encumbrance.

You’ll probably find yourself dreaming big this month and sometimes lost in your own intellect. This is a time to share your thoughts openly and avoid holding them within. Your dreams and ideas may spark something in others, especially in the workplace. October is a month of cooperation and enthusiasm, which will enhance any career area. Just remember to not be too overly sensitive if someone’s ideas don't quite jive with yours. Allow time for thoughts to percolate and manifest.

In your personal life you’ll feel a need for adventure and the mundane may seem irritating. Take care of the must dos without getting lost in excessive detail and then embark on your adventures, whether they are of the mental or physical nature.

You’ll probably see those around you in a different light and be more appreciative of their input into your life. Be sure to tell them as their reflection highlights your path. Spend time in meditation and be sure to enhance this month’s energy with proper diet and exercise to achieve the most from this magnificent time.



October is an 11

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