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August 2012

August 2012 carries the numerological frequency of the number four.

Four months are highlighted by security, stability and driving ambition. This is a goal-oriented month.

At home and in your personal life youíll probably feel calm and centered because the number four is about roots and grounding. Four is the number of home.

The four directions, the four elements, the four seasons all represent wholeness and completed energy cycles. You may feel an intense attraction to nature and the need to be connected to it. Itís a great time to begin work on a seasonal garden or prepare to harvest what you have already planted. Your sense of comfort from your surroundings will be heightened and you will want to take time to enjoy them as you complete projects already started and set your goals for the future.

Your career life or professional life will benefit from this monthís numerological energy, as you will find you are less scattered and more detail oriented. Methodical, persistent, and practical are the key words for the work place. This is not the month to restrict your natural abilities that assist in reaching previous goals.

Youíll probably find your stamina is at a peak and donít be surprised if you are putting in extra hours in the work place with plenty of energy to carry over at home.

This is a month of balance in the workplace so remember to keep an open mind to concepts that donít quite merge with yours.

August is grounding and can benefit all aspects of your life. Make certain to take time to meditate and tap into that sustaining energy. Slow down long enough to absorb the essence of the month.



August is a 4!

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