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April 2012

April 2012 carries the frequency of the number 7. This is the number of spirituality, wisdom and success.

This month youíll probably be find yourself experiencing a strange combination of intellectual pursuits and creative expression. Itís a great time to explore both of those to their fullest potential. And if they overlapÖ all the better.

This odd amalgamation is especially helpful in your business or career endeavors. You have the ability to bring knowledge and creativity to the table in ways that can be easily comprehended because 7 is also a number of receptivity in self and others. All of this only serves to invigorate your professional life.

7 months are also times where you may find yourself demanding perfection. Itís a perfect time to realize that perfection exists on different levels for everyone.

Your personal life will be filled with exploration. You thrive on learning and sharing this month. It would be an excellent time to join in a group discussion to delve into aspects of life that you are truly passionate about and want to explore deeper.

7 months bring people together so allow those you do not yet know some access and let others hear your thoughts. As April is about gaining knowledge it is important to remain open to otherís ideas and concepts, too. You might feel like you have to know everything about everything so be a bit cautious in how you pose the question. You donít want to make it sound like an interrogation.

The number 7 has quite a history: The 7 Sages of Ancient Greece, The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, The 7 Stars of the Pleiades, The 7 Lucky Gods of Japan, The 7 Colors of the Rainbow, The 7 Stars of the Cherokee Flag, The 7 Notes on the Diatonic Scale to mention a few. Seven is considered the number of Creation and is the number of chakras that we currently work with and in Hebrew it is a from a root word meaning to be complete or full.

Make April a month that is full for you. Express your creative passions and fill your mind with all the knowledge you desire. This month will be a balance of mind, body and spirit.



April is a 7

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