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February 2012

February carries the frequency of a 6 and 2012 carries the frequency of a 5. Together they form a high octave of energy: 11.

11 is considered a master number. It is a number of leadership and inspiration. But it is often accompanied by challenges.

February hold enormous potential but avoid the desire to push to make things happen. Find the flow of life this month and allow your projects to materialize through the intensified energy of the month. It will probably be a month loaded with introspection and deep philosophical thoughts. Try not to get in your own way as you explore ‘the big picture’ and remember that the little details are what bring fruition to that picture.

An 11 month is not a material month. It’s not the time to speculate with money or possessions unless you are prepared to loose them. Try to avoid getting too much into the mental aspect of life as the intensity of 11 months can magnify fear and insecurity. There is a simple way to avoid that; simply realize fear is usually self created.

It will be important to take ample ‘me time’ as you will have an overwhelming abundance of mental and physical energy. Burning out should not be on this month’s schedule. If you can maintain a balance of work, play, and relaxation you should be fine. If you feel you’re caught up in the intensity of this 11 month call a personal time out and go for a walk or have a cup of tea in a quiet spot.

Your personal space is more important this month than it is in most. That’s because you will be drawn in so many abstract ways – in the mind, body and the spirit. Your intuition will be on target if you have that personal space and your mind isn’t cluttered with exterior noise. If you can’t achieve that inner quiet you’ll find that your powers of discernment don’t seem to exist.



February is an 11

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