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December 2011

December 2011 carries a frequency of five. Madame Blavatsky stated, ď5 is the spirit of life and human loveĒ and the Mayans considered it the number of perfection. But it also has its downsides, as every number does.

A five month may find you feeling a little overwhelmed as it is a number frequency that can cause a tendency to worry and to fret over things that may never happen. It can make one hesitant and prevent them from hearing the inner guidance that is always with us.

Itís important to take the high road with a five month. Recognize that you are a thriving being that can and does contribute much to this world.

Avoid falling into the fear trap and keep your emotional balance at all times. This is especially important as we are under the influence of a Mercury retrograde for the first couple of weeks of December. Avoid misunderstandings and communication errors.

Set your goals high this month and work to personally attain them. But remember that everyone else might not be aware of the numerological and astrological influences this month. Itís important to remain open with others as you express yourself.

This is a personally freeing month. Five months always are. They donít like being put into a category or file of any kind and can often bring welcome breaks from oneís normal routine.

All in all enjoy this month and focus on the wonders a five month can provide.



December is a 5

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