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September 2011

September 2011 carries the numerological frequency of eight!

Eight months are an excellent source of inspiration! Youíll find your creative mind will be extremely active. It could be anything from finding a new and better way to organize your cupboards or business projects or maybe a reinvention of the wheel. Whatever it is it will be part of this monthís energy.

Eight is a very strong and powerful number. In all of your relationships Ė both professional and personal Ė itís important to let others have a say as they are also feeling this energy. Donít be quite as overbearing as you might like to and youíll find that your friends and co-workers have something worthwhile to contribute to your creativity.

Intuition will high this month. Allow it to be that little voice that guides you and youíll find that most obstacles will probably evaporate.

Personal relationships will become stronger this month as Septemberís energy also carries the frequency of justice. Youíll probably find yourself looking at anotherís position from their view. Fairness in all your dealings with people will be a key to your future success.

Independence is another characteristic of the number eight. So if you feel a need for a little adventure all of your own, just remember to share your need with those who care for you. Be fair and offer an explanation.

That need for independence means that you need private time for reviewing life, itís meanings, and reconnecting to your Higher Self. Take the time to explore those aspects of self, whether through long nature walks, meditation, prayer, or even a relaxing bath. Itís important to make the time to slow yourself down as Septemberís numerology looks to be quite active.



It's an 8 month!

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