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June 2011

June 2011 carries the numerological frequency of a nine.

Nine months are generally energetic months. Itís a time you feel like getting out doors and communing with Nature. The thought of gardening, hiking, or walking will draw you outside and into the openness of Nature and the privacy of your deepest thoughts and dreams.

This is a time that youíll probably find that youíll be guided by your intuition. Allow that inner guidance to lead you down paths you might now have explored yet. If you arenít accustomed to using your intuitive guidance on a daily basis this is a perfect month to recognize those natural gifts and learn how to use them. Donít be surprised if you find telepathy at work and finish the sentences of those closest to you.

Itís also a time when you may feel a need to be involved with humanitarian efforts. Thatís typical in a nine month. If you have considered joining any neighborhood projects, community gardens, library reading to children programs, building a house with Habitat for Humanity or any number of humanitarian efforts this is the month to sign up and get active. Everyone has something they can share with someone else and all it takes is a bit of your time.

At work you will probably find yourself easily and logically solving problems that may have been a sticking point for you and your coworkers. Youíll find the short cuts that will make the job much easier without sacrificing integrity of the project.

June will be a month filled with philosophical discussions and it can be a wonderful time to join in groups of other seekers. Ideally June will be a harmonious month that is high energy for body, mind and spirit.



June is a 9

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