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April 2011

April 2011 carries the numerological frequency of a six.

Six is considered the number of indecision and excess but those qualities, which are usually viewed as negative, can be moved to a more positive aspect quite easily.

April is a month where communication must be clear and concise. It can be a big bug-a-boo (bet you havenít heard that word in a while!) if you donít make a sincere effort to speak precisely. Itís also important that you hear without taking the words personally. Remember that what comes out of a personís mouth is about them and their words are based on their personal experiences. Itís not about you.

You might find yourself taking the path of least resistance this month. Thatís fine if you follow your heart and arenít doing it just to avoid action. Otherwise hold true to yourself and your beliefs and work with the same diligence and ethics you express daily.

A six month is one of those amazing months that allows you to see the changes you wish to make in your life and make them. Itís a perfect time to be more introspective of what you feel you want to achieve, what your goals are and how you view success.

Maintain a sense of calm and inner harmony this month by taking time to care for and see to your needs, both physical and spiritual. Meditation is a major key to keeping your sense of balance and composure when obstacles arise. Even a short five-minute quieting of the mind practiced several times a day can release any pent up stress and provide the calm centeredness this month requires.

You might feel restricted by all that needs to be accomplished. Continue working on projects or finish up those that are almost complete. With the completion of each one Ė whether it is a household chore or a business venture Ė you will feel a sense of release and success.

Exercise is important this month. It will keep you from feeling stagnant. Walking or biking is great as it keeps you closer to nature as she changes seasons and fresh air always clears the mind.

Friendships might feel strained but if you step back and view any set of circumstances from the other personís perspective you will find that there is probably a miscommunication involved. Patience and respect for self and others are the bywords this month.

Keep in mind that during the month of April we will also be in a Mercury retrograde cycle which adds to communication issues. Stay focused and clear on words and deeds to make the best of April.



April is a 6

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