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November 2010

November carries the numerological value of a four. When you add 2010 (which totals 3) to this monthís value you get a seven, which is the number of November.

Seven months indicate wisdom, success, and spirituality. Novemberís numerological energy will probably find you juggling both hemispheres of the brain: the right, creative side will be skyrocketing with ideas while the left, intellectual side will keep those concepts grounded in reality. It may sound counterproductive but itís actually an excellent balance to achieve the best results.

A key to that balance is your center of harmony, which is attained through wisdom and spirituality. Again, these may appear to be two seemingly contradictory aspects of life but during this seven month they gently feed each other.

Expect these aspects to show up in both your business life and your personal life. Use this seven energy to move personal creative projects forward and donít hide your light in the workplace. This could be a time of gain in your career if you openly share the enthusiasm that is naturally generated this month.

One word of caution: if these aspects fall out of balance they can be detrimental. Donít be overpowering in your expressiveness or views. Allow give and take to expand concepts and always remember that others canít base their view on your life experiences.

Use this month wisely and stay in tune with self. Practice visualization and meditation to maintain your personal harmony. Private time is an absolute necessity if you want your creative side to manifest its dreams and goals. Remember seven is considered a very lucky number!




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