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Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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December 2009

December 2009 is a month that carries the vibration of a three. Three is the number of the trinity and the number of enlightenment and thoroughness.

This will be a month of compassion and caring which is a good way to end the year.

It should also bring success and fulfillment, as a three-month tends to open oneís mind and activate the desire to reach goals. You might begin the month feeling a bit carefree and frivolous but that is most likely your creative side expressing a sense of freedom. Let your daydreams take you to new horizons and donít hesitate to explore them.

Business and career possibilities might receive that spark that you have been hoping for and you will find your ideas are met with wide acceptance. If a new project comes your way embrace it as it could take you on an exciting adventure that will keep your mind active and inspired.

You will find that during the month of December your reality will encompass the trinity of the physical, the mental and the spiritual. This makes it important to have personal time as well as time with friends and family. Take time to connect and communicate with your Higher Self. Walking meditations, exploring breathing techniques, or guided meditations will benefit you most when you practice them daily. On the left side of our homepage, under announcements, you will find weekly mini-mediations to help you in this process. Click Here to go to the homepage.

Your physical body will require a little extra attention this month. Be certain to eat properly and get needed rest and exercise. If you are normally at an indoor workstation all day, take the stairs when possible and park far from the entrance of the building to make sure you get movement for the body. You will find that exercise will also fuel the mind.

The holidays will keep us all busy this month but the fact that December 2009 is a three will help us navigate the ups and downs and little stressors more easily.

Enjoy your holidays and this wonderful month of December! And remember, "Life is just a bowl of cherries!"



December 2009



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