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Destiny Numbers

Now that you know your name number and your birth path number, you can determine your destiny number. It's quite simple; just add your name number and your birth path number. I'll use mine as an example:

My name number is a 1.

My birth path number is 9.

1+9 = 10.

Because that is a double digit, one must add 1+0 which equals 1.

Here is what destiny numbers tell us:

1) Ones are normally self-made, with just a bit of help and a pinch of luck. They prefer to do it on their own and are tenacious. Because of their stick-to-it attitude they generally succeed in whatever they chose.

2) Twos have a tendency to ride the roller-coaster of life. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. If a two accepts a helping hand and utilizes their natural gift of perception, they can be quite successful in life.

3) Threes find success in almost anything they do. The number harmonizes to the finer things in the physical world which can be garnered by a three with a little ambition and an open mind.

4) Fours are generally honorable in intent and good business partners. If they chose their profession carefully, nothing can prevent success. Fours love stability and security and are often involved with real estate (terra firma) in some way.

5) Fives are too trusting of others and sometimes leap before they look. A variety of experiences, perceived as good and bad, weave through their lives. But, if a five stands their ground and relies on their inner strength and knowledge they will achieve whatever the goal.

6) Sixes have opportunity fall at their feet. The trick is to recognize them and utilize them to their fullest potential. Be alert and tenacious and keep those eyes wide open, good things are happening all around you. Determine what they are and set your sites.

7) Sevens have a gift. Sometimes they can't be cornered in one path of life and can give the appearance of being flighty. They aren't. They are smart, let life lead them in numerous directions and set no boundaries for themselves. Often sevens have no interest in money or physical trappings, yet they find themselves in the midst of wealth.

8) Eights need to be shrewd where money is concerned. Financially they can experience many ups and downs. It is vitally important to learn from these exercises, make determinations on your future goals and go after them. Be determined, work hard and achieve.

9) Nines are normally contented, artistically talented people that thrive on friendship. The are helpful to others and informative, but tend to not be over achievers. Theirs is usually a comfortable, uncomplicated life without any extremes.

11) Elevens tend to get involved with the biggest projects around. And they usually make them a success. They are constantly busy and take comfort in their ability to juggle numerous things at once. An eleven truly is the master of their own destiny.

22) Twenty Twos are easily swayed by others. Diligence is your watchword. Don't be attracted by things that sound too good to be true. Instead, follow your own dreams and strive to take control of your life. Success is what you determine it will be.


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