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Birth Path

Many believe they chose their parents, the location and the date of their birth long before they enter this physical world. If that is true then we are choosing all of the energies around us when we come back into third dimensional physical form.

Birth Path numbers let us know what profession of field of endeavor resonates with our date of birth. That doesn't mean that as individuals we cannot chose other directions for our life's work and responsibilities. In the science of numerology it means only that the particular date of your birth has a harmony with you. Perhaps we have chosen the vibrational assets of the date of our birth?

Determining your birth path number is simple.

I'll use mine as an example.

I was born on April 24, 1934.

That would be 4-24-1934.

Those numbers would be added together like this:

4+2+4+1+9+3+4 = 27

That number is broken down to 2 + 7 = 9.

My birth path number is 9.

Find out if the birth path number corresponds to your life experiences, or what you would like to have as your life experiences.

1. Ones are self determined and a bit strong willed, sometimes to the point of "it will be my way or the highway". This tenacity can help them implement ideas and see things through to the finish, which makes them quite constructive. They like to think they are creative, but, in fact, Ones can be masters at executing any idea or project.

2. Twos tend to be a little scattered. Not scatter-brained, they are quite intelligent, but sometimes not as focused as they might be. They often attract the same life experiences over and over. If they learn from this and develop self control and change the repetitive patterns, they become more centered in themselves and have productive lives.

3. Threes often experience what many consider a carefree life. They are generally contented and fortunate in love, money or both. They tend to learn and experience life vicariously through someone else's adventures, which they find most enjoyable.

4. Fours freely give their loyalty and in doing so attract the same from others. Their pleasant easy going personality often hides their adept business acumen and a sixth sense which helps overcome obstacles the encounter. They are most likely to be successful professionals that appreciate what their hard work brings them.

5. Fives experiences the strange, unusual or occult side of life more than any other number vibration. Some of these experiences may be difficult to understand and therefore overcome as they are so indescribable. But fives are introspective, curious and strong of heart. They learn from these abstract realities, incorporate them into life, and embrace them daily.

6. Sixes can be too cavalier for their own good, finding little seriousness in any matter. They take unwarranted risks with their general well being and tend to lay blame at the feet of others. This can all be changed by recognizing their responsibility in their life and calling upon their strong character which can provide more stability in life.

7. Sevens set extremely high goals for themselves, take aim and, generally, achieve success. Intriguing life experiences are attracted to Sevens like a duck to water. They make the best of most any situation and see life as a progression of the events of their choice.

8. Eights are generally on the move, experiencing as many possible aspects of their existence as they possibly can. They are adventurous and curious about most everything, but have little focus and very quick tempers, which can be overcome by better understanding themselves. Eights are never dull and always amazing to the other number vibrations.

9. Nines are also travelers, but their travel is less a sense of adventure and more a sense of responsibility. They're like world ambassadors, drawn to the arts and always lead an interesting life, even if it isn't the most normal profession. In fact, nines usually have the most unusual, and varied, careers of all the numbers.

11. Elevens are hard to keep up with. They are risk takers that approach life as if it is a challenge to be overcome with their raw, powerful force of will. They master their own destiny, creating the events, the struggles and the outcome as they go forward in their life, which is most always very productive.

22. Twenty Twos are prone to set up their own roadblocks to success in both their business and personal lives. However, if they think in a logical, tunnel-visioned mode and lead their lives accordingly, they can cultivate a sense of well being and emerge from their victim perception of self to a blossoming success in anything they experience.


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