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Healing Music Therapy - The Ancient Codes of Healing Music

By: Kate Mucci

Since the beginning of time, man has used music to call forth healing Spirits, banish evil, dispel illness-causing energies and create a place of comfort and wellness. Indigenous peoples around the world and throughout time have utilized this power of music to cure everything from schizophrenia to snake bites.

Music is sound, sound is energy. Everything we hear, every vibration that goes through us affects us. Thoughts, emotions, memories; all of those also affect our personal rate of vibration. When we are not in sync, we experience dis-ease or illness. This is where the music comes in. The vibration of music makes it a catalyst for healing for a human being, or an animal or plant, or, in fact, anything that has consciousness, because music can put back in tune the vibrations that make us unwell.

Much of the world discarded music as a healing tool when science seduced our medical practitioners. Using music to reduce stress and high blood pressure, or to cure cancer, is considered as bizarre, to many, as using leeches. However, there is a good deal of proof that music does heal and there are many brave souls who are now using music along with more accepted western healing modalities.

Unfortunately, one of the most powerful tools of music healing has been mostly forgotten; lost in the enthusiastic rush to embrace scientific medicine. It is an ancient code, which converts the letters in one's name and the numbers in one's birth date, into notes of the musical scale. The ancient Sumerians used this code. It is believed that they received it from The Star People. Haydn, Brahms, Ravel and other composers used it to create emotional pieces of music, although it's not clear if they ever used it for actual healing sessions.

The healing power of this code was tapped again by an accomplished harpist in the 1970s. Joel Andrews was a concert harpist; had toured extensively, and was very well known in the musical world. However, as is the case with many musicians, there came a time when the superficiality and pretentiousness of the concert business began to bother him. He felt compelled to turn his talents to healing. Using an ancient code of tones that his teacher, Carlos Salzedo, had passed down to him, Joel began to create healing compositions for individuals. They were so successful, that he decided to share the code with others. Thus the incredible power of an ancient code used since the beginning of time came to me and to other healing musicians.

The question is - how does it work?

The body is a manifestation of underlying vibrational patterns. These patterns carry on throughout lifetimes, even after the physical body no longer exists. The patterns remain with the soul. The connection between the soul and the body renews with each birth, and every action that we perform requires coordination of the physical body with our mental, etheric and emotional bodies. They each, and each of their parts, have their own unique vibrational frequency. For us to function, to perform tasks, and to remain healthy, the vibrations of all the coordinating parts of the body must be in sync. When using music for healing, we work with all three bodies as well as the physical body. It seems that it is some melding of the subconscious and these outer bodies, between the healer and the individual being healed, that conducts the healing energy of music.

The ancient codes work on this principle: Underlying our perception of ourselves, is our name. We are given a name at birth, but we also change our name over our lifetimes - some of us many times. It identifies us to ourselves and to the world. But more importantly, for the purposes of healing, it tells us what we are about in this lifetime. It gives a blueprint, if you will, of our life path.

This universal code translating the energy from our names into musical notes is independent of language and time. The name and birth dates are tools enabling the healers to tap into the Akashic records. These records hold the information, or energy patterns, which allow healing musicians to create the appropriate music; music which consists of a pattern of vibrations which enable the 'healee' to re-tune their energy field.

I should stress at this point that a healer using music and these ancient codes does not do the actual healing. We are merely conduits for the healing energy for the power of the individual to take hold and make them well. No healer can heal someone who has not asked, (consciously or subconsciously), or is not ready. The individual's own subconscious takes on the new, melodic and rhythmic patterns that are created with the music, and superimposes them over the inharmonic, negative patterns that are currently creating illness. It is not a miraculous, instant healing. Usually it takes place over time, as the 'healee' listens over and again to a recording made of the created music. Sometimes, though, it can be a quite sudden easing of pain or other symptoms.

Like any other healing modality, the ancient codes of music must be used with respect by the healer honoring the 'healee's' free will and life path. When used with love and joy, the wondrous power of music can help a person heal himself or herself. It is up to them to be ready and willing to be well and whole.

Kate Mucci is a healing music practitioner, harpist, and author. With her husband, Richard, who plays guitar, she performs as Crosswynd. Together they have authored the book, "The Healing Sound of Music."


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