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Feng Shui - Too Much Yang Energy

Simple Solutions for an Abundance of Yang Energy Around a Structure

When the balance of energy around a structure is too yang it needs to be tempered by yin energy additions, especially water. Try some of these solutions to help create the harmony of both energies.

  • Add water features (such as a pond) to the landscape

  • Include a birdbath or fountain in the landscape

  • Include a lawn in your landscape

  • Plant shade trees that protect from direct afternoon sunlight

  • Plant flowers that bloom in blues and lilacs

  • Avoid using white, red and orange in the garden

  • Use shade screens on windows that receive direct afternoon sun

  • Paint your door blue or gray

  • In extreme cases of excessive yang energy, such as living

    beneath an electrical transformer or power line, the exterior of the

    house should be painted blue or gray

  • Paint fences or railing black or another strong yin color

Simple Solutions for an Abundance of Yang Energy In a Room or Structure

To create a harmony in a room that is flooded with yang energy, incorporate yin energy through water, color and gentle sound. Try some of these simple solutions.

  • Incorporate water features (such as miniature fountains, waterfalls or aquariums) throughout the structure

  • Paint your interior walls with cool, muted colors, such as blue or gray

  • Use window treatments that reduce direct sunlight

  • Use window treatments in yin colors

  • Use cool colored accessories

  • Keep living plants in the room or structure

  • Avoid excessive noise, such as a loud television or radio

  • Avoid using red or other strong yang colors in the decor


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