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Louis Audet Biography

Feng Shui

With over 15 years of professional Feng Shui experience, Louis was one of the first Caucasians to lecture and teach Feng Shui in the U.S. His expertise is in Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui, (also called Black Hat Feng Shui, or BTB). Additionally, he is highly skilled in Hawaiian Geomancy, an intuitive and energetic form of Feng Shui.

This synergistic background of training and experience brings a unique wealth of knowledge and expertise that differentiates Louis Audet as a masterful practitioner of the art of Feng Shui.

Louis lectures and teaches workshops on Feng Shui across the country and has also been a speaker at the Whole Life Expos in San Diego, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Fe. A guest of TV and radio shows, his work has appeared on "Oprah" and "Inside Edition". His expertise is cited in two national best selling Feng Shui books: "The Western Guide to Feng Shui" by Terah Collins and "Feng Shui" by Kirsten Lagatree.

Related Background

Louis Audet's training and experience started in the early 60s and includes Dowsing, Vibrational Healing, Meditation, Environmental Remediation, Regression Hypnotherapy and Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna Science.

In 1975, Louis with his wife Beverly founded the Southwest Awareness Institute - a nonprofit educational organization in Tucson Arizona dedicated to teaching healing, meditation and spiritual development.

Highly intuitive, and always ahead of the times, they lovingly raised their two daughters, now adults, with holistic approaches such as natural foods, homeopathy, kinesiology, and color therapy, 25 years before these practices became popular.

Formal Education and Corporate Experience

In the corporate world, Louis has 20 years experience as a technical manager and engineer for IBM. His extensive experience includes the design, build, operation and management of high technology clean rooms as well as the development of processes for the fabrication of computer chips.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, graduate business courses from Boston College and Boston University, and the IBM Management Training Program.


Louis resides in Tempe Arizona. He is President of ENERTRAN, a consulting firm providing site and building evaluations for Feng Shui, geopathic stress and electromagnetic exposure for both residential and commercial properties.

Louis Audet
Feng Shui Consultant

For consultations or information:
Southern California & Los Angeles: 310-669-5709
Other areas: 480-345-1678


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