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Your House is a "Living Being"

By: Louis Audet

The most well known method for Feng Shui space analysis is the use of an octagonal overlay pattern called the Bagua. Each area denotes a different aspect of Feng Shui namely health, wealth, career, fame, relationship, and support.

Another simple yet highly beneficial Feng Shui approach for analyzing the characteristics of your home is to view it as a "Living Being".

First, it is helpful to consider our personal space as an external part or extension of our personal selves. Our home then is an outward expression of the self. Typically, we chose our home because of its personal appeal, whether we chose our house for its looks, functionality, roominess, comfort, price, or all those factors together.

From a quantum view, our home, apartment, or condo can be looked at as a holographic microcosmic universe. As such, our home portrays all our hopes, wishes, dreams, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, if we can consider that our space is alive energetically with an ebb and flow of Chi, then we can stretch that thought to think of our space as not only alive, but as a" living being" as well.

In Feng Shui, you will always read or hear that the front door is the "Mouth of Chi". What we mean by this is that, as in our own body, the air (or energy) enters the body through the mouth. Symbolically then, the Chi energy can also be seen to enter through the mouth of the building - the front door.

Extending this analogy we can imagine that the front windows are the eyes and the front view of the house to be the face of the "being". (See Figures A & B)

Such an analogy is very helpful to analyze your home. For example, a door that is proportionally too small for the size of the building does not let enough energy into the home. The "mouth of Chi" - the mouth of the being - is restricting the energy flow. This lack of in-flowing energy can indicate a lack of health, wealth and career problems. Conversely, a door that is disproportionately too large can be seen as introducing too much Chi and thus overpowering and adversely affecting these same qualities of health, career, and finances. In this case, more is not better! For example occupants can become hyper and money may be spent too quickly on unimportant or frivolous items.

Similarly, if the windows -the eyes of the home - are dirty, shuttered, or blocked by overgrown plantings one can thus deduce that the occupants will lack vision and foresight. They can be unaware or blind sided by future events - they won't see a problem or development coming until it's right on them. By then it's too late and the occupants are then only able to react with damage control! (Figure C)

A home that appears to have a sad face like a sad "Jack O Lantern" can indeed in a short time begin to reflect sadness to the family living inside. (Figure D)

By the same reasoning, we can also overlay a "Being" on top of our house layout and figure out more information. For instance if there is too much Chi energy flowing rapidly through the very center, (In the front door and out the rear door as the example shown) then the body will feel it in the spine, nerves or heart. The people themselves can be susceptible to and develop those types of problems. (Figure E)

It is important to point out that not everyone is susceptible to the problems cited. The conditions are not meant to be certainties. They are rather, possibilities or potentials that could express with time. Also, some individuals with good luck or good Karma can still escape these issues regardless.

A missing corner of the house as shown above, could reveal a problem related to the corresponding part of the body. A foot missing (as drawn in Figure E) could mean lack of movement, constantly limping along or tripping up in life! Similarly if a hand is missing, then it could indicate a problem of application in career or in school.

The concept of a house as a "being" can be carried to a slightly deeper level of understanding wherein the plumbing equates to the digestive system while the electrical wiring represents the nerves. A stopped up drain or backed up toilet can easily be understood as a potential health issue. Dangling wires, inoperative switches or electrical equipment breakdowns might imply a nervous system that needs attention.

Now you are armed with new information about your personal space. Take a few moments, go around and survey your space once again and take a really close look with your new viewpoint and see what you might discover and want to correct. Are your windows blocked, cracked or broken? Is your mouth of Chi (front door) too small? Maybe there is a light fixture that was removed and the wires are still hanging out from the ceiling. Are there leaks in your plumbing or worse yet, is one of the drains constantly clogging up? Maybe there is a leak in the roof! This could alert you to possible emotional issues. Ask yourself: Is your "being" whole?

There is more than one way to analyze the Feng Shui aspects of a space. Using the building as a living being as a method of analysis is not only easy and simple but can prove to be most useful and very valuable. Knowing and understanding that everything is alive and that your home is a reflection of your personal universe can provide you with a treasure of information to enhance you and your family's well - being!

Louis Audet
Feng Shui Consultant

For consultations or information:
Southern California & Los Angeles: 310-669-5709
Other areas: 480-345-1678







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