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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Have you ever stopped to think about the phrase 'Home is Were The Heart Is'? What does that really mean?

Our home is something we generally take for granted, even though this is the place that should nourish our physical, mental and spiritual being. Home is where we relax, eat, sleep, discuss, share, and love. This is the physical place where we should collect and rejuvenate our energy so that we can channel it in the directions life takes us. This is the place where we should nurture ourselves, our loved ones, our children. Home is the physical hub of our lives and should be a centering point for you as an individual and you as a family unit.

But, sometimes that isn't the case. Have you ever walked into a house and felt uncomfortable or tense for no apparent reason? Everything that exists has an energy, including structures. Each residence has its own chi or life energy which we, being the mutable humans that we are, adjust to and magnify with our own personal energies.

Sometimes we can feel the chi of a structure and sometimes we can't, but this energy exists and has an effect on us whether we know it or not. Blocked chi in our home can affect the levels of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It can make a person feel more tired, temperamental, anxious, or argumentative. According to some specialists, blocked chi has prevented people from attaining their goals and has even made them ill.


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