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Why Do We Dream?

"Dreams work to solve the problems of the dreamer's conscious, waking life, and they work to quicken in the dreamer new potentials which are his to claim."

Edgar Cayce

We all need to dream, even if we don't recall the details. Researchers have discovered that people who are repetitively awakened during dreams experience severe psychological problems. Why? Because the act of dreaming provides an outlet for our psyche. Dreams assist in our psychological strength and self awareness, whether or not we analyze them, and they often guide the directions of our lives, even though we may not consciously recognize their input.

What is important to acknowledge is that a dream is part of our individual attachment to the Divine. Native Americans believe the Great Spirit delivers visions to the dreamer that inspire and guide the soul. One might consider dreams to be a healthy and natural GPS tracking system that Creation has given us to help us reach our fullest potential. Like so many aspects of life, dreams and visions are gifts; we have the choice of declining or accepting these and of determining how we will or if we will utilize them.

When we consciously recognize a dream and interpret the meaning we often develop a more complete understanding of ourselves. Dreams can direct us to our true feelings about any aspect of life, from work to love and anything in between. They can warn us of illness or danger or they can move us in directions we may not have had the courage to explore.


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